My name is Kaitlin McCanless and I've been professionally tattooing since 2011 with a career start in Buffalo, New York. I have since traveled around the greater US and abroad, attending conventions, guest spotting, and soaking up any knowledge I can to better improve my skills as an artist.

You will see various styles of work throughout my portfolio as I consider myself to be a versatile artist and am capable of tattooing many different kinds of things -- traditional, custom lettering, and linework dominant pieces are some of my favorites.

My main objective with my work is to create a perfect mix of a client's ideas and visions paired with my own, as well as honoring the craft of tattooing the best I can. Being able to intertwine all of these important aspects will give the best possible outcome both now and for years to come.

Outside of my career: I’m a wife to an amazing man, a pitbull mom, an athlete and weightlifter, a second amendment lover, as well as an avid euro-car enthusiast.

If you would like to schedule an in person consultation or a tattoo appointment please e-mail me directly or fill out the contact form provided on the site.